Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pre Wedding Photoshoot - Zara and Jonathan's Cemetery Photoshoot

Now, as a wedding photographer, I revel on how no two weddings are the same.  Each wedding is styled different and it makes the job so interesting.  But every so often you get to work with a couple who completely blow your mind with the plans and vision they have for their wedding.  Let me introduce Zara and Jonathan.  Now, I'm not going to give any spoilers to their wedding later this year (watch this space!) but believe me, over the past 12 months since I first met them I've been left open mouthed with the plans Zara has to make her day not just special to her and Jonathan but also spectacular and, importantly for her, something her guests are going to love and talk about for years. 

So, it came as no surprise when Zara approached me saying she wanted to do something different for her pre-wedding photoshoot.  I'd had an idea in my head for a while to do a photoshoot in the classic Jesmond Cemetery designed by John Dobson, the architect whose work can be seen all over Newcastle upon Tyne.  Zara loved the idea so we met up on a chilly Saturday morning and had a stroll around the cemetery.  If you haven't been there before, I recommend you park up and have a look around.  It is simply stunning in there.

Anyway, here are a selection of shots from the day.  Look out for Zara and Jonathan's wedding here later this year.

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