Sunday, 9 January 2011

Nenita and Kevin (aka the Christmas Wedding) - Jemond Dene House, Newcastle upon Tyne

So a few weeks back, I was sitting reflecting on 2010 after finishing my final wedding of the year, satisfied that I had delivered a great set of images to all my couples and that as a photographer I had come on leaps and bounds with my style developing all the time.

It was the beginning of December, I was looking forward to winding down for the holidays.  And then an email came in from Paul.  "My father in law needs a wedding photographer.  He got married in October in Singapore and is having a wedding celebration at Jesmond Dene House on Christmas Eve for the family over here.  Are you free?"

I have been to Jesmond Dene House a few times but never been fortunate enough to capture a ceremony there.  Added to that, we were in the middle of the coldest, snowiest December.  I couldn't say no.  A snow covered Jesmond Dene was too good to be true.

So on the day itself, I arrived nice and early.  There had been a lot more snow coming down over the previous few days and Jesmond Dene House is down a small one-track road, so my worry was weather I could get there.  Even the reigstrar was there nice and early having pranged her car earlier in the day because of the weather.

Kevin and Nenita arrived and straight away I could tell this was going to be a very relaxed and light hearted ceremony.  Kevin walked in arm in arm with Nenita, looked at me and whispered "Are you the Hammer?" and winked.  I wry smile and a nod from me set the tone.  (Yes, I'm a West Ham supporter for my sins and it turns out Paul is also a West Ham supporter and found my details through a forum we're members of).

The ceremony was very much like a renewal of vows service and was very much a family do with everyone involved.  There was so much laughing involved.  After a quick signing of the certificate everyone retired to the lounge where the huge roaring open fire was the main feature.  To be honest I really didn't want to leave the fireside but we HAD to get the photos done outside.  The grounds were stunning!  But I was conscious that Kevin and Nenita were more used to the climate in Singapore and not the -8C we were experiencing. 

With the meal about to start I made my way back home in a blizzard....although I had a feeling my 13 mile journey home was going to be nothing compared to Kevin and Nenita's journey back to Singapore on Boxing Day (They had been caught up in the travel chaos when Heathrow was shut a week before Christmas).

So that definitely IS 2010 done for me.  Hope you had a safe journey back to Singapore Nen and Kevin.

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