Monday, 29 November 2010

Vikki and Luke's Wedding - Beamish Park Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

So, there I was, 5am, in bed listening to the rain hammering down outside.  Throughout 2010, I had avoided the rain at the weddings I had done. I raised a wry smile thinking back a couple of years when EVERY wedding I photographed was in the rain.   Vikki and Luke's was to be my final wedding of the year and was going to be a fairly informal wedding which I'd only be spending a couple of hours capturing.  The rain, I felt, would add a little extra something to keep me on my toes.

I first met Vikki and Luke at the beginning of the year and had met them on a number of occasions to run through ideas and what their plans were for the day.  Beamish Park Hotel was to be a new venue for me so I was excited by that; a new venue always brings it's challenges.  As for ideas, Vikki and Luke were fairly easy going, not too keen on the formal side of things and wanting more of a reportage style.  

Back to the day itself, the rain hung around all day.  But it was obvious that it was not going to spoil the day.  At Vikki's mum's house the bridesmaids and Vikki were getting their hair and make-up sorted when I arrived.  While I took shots of the preparations and trinkets, it became obvious I had a little helper in the shape of Vikki's 1 year old niece Brooke (Brooke was to be the star of the show during the ceremony later).  

I decided to head off to the hotel to give me plenty of time to get their before Luke arrived in the wedding car.  Half way there I noticed a huge white wedding car in my review mirror.  I couldn't help but think it looked stunning, but as I got closer and closer to the hotel it became obvious that it was Luke in that car.  Would and of the traffic lights go red once I had gone through them??  What do you think.  :-)

Luke appeared very relaxed.  Sat in the room where the ceremony was to take place, his mum fussed over him making sure his collar was ok and his button hole straight, much to his annoyance.  There was a noticeable gasp as Vikki entered the room.  Luke simply stood there looking in awe.

With the rain hammering down on the glass roof of the room, the registrar took us through the ceremony, with Brooke adding her frequent additions along the way which eased the emotional tension in the room.  It was amazing.  

The function room where the reception was to take place was decorated with stunning flowers, fairylights and butterflies.  It was so simply done, it was magical.  The guests were all relaxed.  Vikki and Luke were was perfect.  I couldn't have wished for a better finale to my 2010 wedding calendar.

Best of luck for the future to Vikki and Luke.  Enjoy your short break away! 

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