Monday, 10 January 2011

Debra and Thomas' Rock the Frock - Stadium of Light, Sunderland

Back in November I captured Debra and Thomas' wedding at Hardwick Hall in County Durham.  However, Debra loved her dress so much she decided to pull it on again for a Rock the Frock shoot.  When I asked where she had in mind, The Stadium of Light wasn't what I expected.  This was going to be a challenge; I knew the Stadium well ad was struggling to think of places within the ground to do photos that would do her dress justice and secondly, I'm a Geordie (although not a Newcastle United supporter) so this was going to see me go behind enemy lines.

So we arrived on a cold day at the end of December at The Stadium of Light with Thomas looking like a kid in a sweetshop.  A massive Sunderland supporter, Thomas couldn't wait to get inside.  We were met by a representative of SAFC who gave me the instructions of where we could and couldn't go.  Any anxieties I had about where to take photos soon evaporated once inside the bowels of the ground. 

Debra and Thomas entered the home players dressing room in their wedding dress and suit respectively.  Although they appeared relaxed in November, they were so much more at ease without the stresses of their wedding day. 

We did shots in the dressing room and then made our way down the tunnel to the pitch.  Thomas was beside himself....especially when the SAFC representative started playing the music to which the Sunderland players walk down the tunnel to on match day.

I might not be a Sunderland supporter but I have to admit, I still get a buzz when going pitch side at a football ground.  The three of us were really starting to enjoy ourselves despite the freezing cold day.

With all the photos done both inside and outside the ground Debra looked a bit glum having got changed out of her dress but said how great it was to put her dress on one more time.  Thomas on the other hand was still buzzing.  For me, it was great.  Mixing my two passions; football and photography.

A special thanks to the staff at Sunderland AFC for allowing me access to the Stadium of Light.

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  1. Debra and Thomas Baldridge10 January 2011 at 21:37

    We had a fab time and are so pleased with the photos. I would take any opportunity to put my frock on again!

    The staff at the stadium were really great and it was reassuring on the day when we got there are you had a vision for each image.

    I would recommend a 'Rock the Frock' shoot to anyone and the more unusual/unexpected the location the better.

    Thank you for sacrificing your footballing loyalties in the name of photography.

    Debra and Thomas Baldridge