Friday, 7 September 2012

Great Lumley Wedding - Kat and Andy

I knew from the second I met Andy that his and Kat's wedding would be one of those light hearted day's with a lot of laughs.  At their pre-wedding shoot he turned up on a cold monday evening in May wearing red shorts and a Baywatch t-shirt.  I was floored!  But he was up for anything as I told him to strike various poses while Kat looked on.

The day of the wedding itself, I was greeted by sunshine which was superb as we were planning to carry out the bridal shoot at Finchdale Abbey.  Kat was getting ready in the bridal suite when I arrived.  I was greeted by Lisa Jones, the make up artist "JP!!!!!!!!!!".  I love working with Lisa.  She always makes me laugh and is also a bloody talented make-up artist!

When I got to the church, I was informed by the vicar that he did not allow any photography at all during the service.  It was a real shame as the church in Great Lumley was small and beautifully decorated so I would have been really close to all the emotion at the front of the church.  The inconsistency from church to church has been a big bone of contention within the wedding industry for years but you have to abide by the rules of each vicar.  No point arguing about it.

Andy was nervous.....really nervous while he waited for Kat to arrive.  This was NOT the jovial fella I'd met a couple of months before.  I actually thought he was going to be sick!  As Kat reached the front of the church I headed to the back of the church and stood by the doors as I watched clouds form overhead and then heard a clap of thunder.  The skies then went ominously black and soon I was confronted by hailstones and thunder!  Meanwhile, everyone inside the church sat happily oblivious to what I was witnessing outside.  Finchdale Priory was now off the cards!

Thankfully the rain died away as the happy couple left the church, allowing us a few minutes to throw confetti, blow bubbles (always good when the photographer is a West Ham supporter!) and get a few shots outside the church.

The rest of the day continued with a lovely, laid back and relaxed air to it despite how humid it was.  And Andy started to relax once more.  I jokingly suggested getting photos done by an abandoned white transit van.  "Love it!!!  Let's do it" he said.  His friends were hilarious to work with!  All the while we were aware of storm clouds forming on the horizon....but the rain never came!!

The first dance was to one of my favourite bands - Aerosmith.....I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.

A long and sometimes frustrating day thanks to the weather but none the less a fun day!  Thanks Kat and Andy

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