Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Emma and Gary's Wedding in Sunderland at The Stadium of Light(aka the one at The Stadium of Light)

When I first met Emma and Gary they talked me through the plans for their wedding...stunning church, wacky vicar, route-master bus, reception at The Stadium of Light....the list went on.  It sounded amazing.  The idea was modern with a vintage twist.  Emma was infectiously enthusiastic about everything.....Gary on the other hand was quite relaxed about everything.  "Trust me, I'll be like this on the day" he assured me.  

An early start on their big day saw me heading to Emma's parents house to start bridal prep pictures.  The sun was out, a few clouds here and there and a light wind made for a great day.  Emma and Gary's little girl Elizabeth was running around getting caught up in the pre-wedding excitement and resisted any attempts to get her to have a quick nap.  


Over at Emma and Gary's house, Gary, the two best men and usher were fighting with braces and cuff links.  Nerves were showing but all in all the four of them, Gary in particular were taking everything in their stride.

St Paul's Church in Ryhope look amazing in the lunchtime sun.  The vicar was indeed a bit different.  Jokey, approachable and above all pro long as I didn't get in his way.  Inside the church Gary waited while Emma made her way through the church grounds to be met by Elizabeth at the church door.  Emma's vintage dress glistened in the sun and looked stunning.  As she walked down the aisle, Gary turned and looked awestruck.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth strolled around the church with her toy doll blissfully unaware of what was happening around her raising chuckles from the congregation.

The ceremony was simple, the singing was passionate and a the vicar cracked some jokes.  Such a refreshing approach.

Once at the Stadium of Light, everyone relaxed.  With photos being taken in the changing room and the stands, the ground offered something a little different to the norm in terms of a backdrop for wedding photography.  

One thing that particularly caught my eye during the reception was the donation being made to the Help our Heroes charity rather than giving people favours.  I thought this was such a lovely touch especially with the best men and usher being in the forces.

With the evening guests congregating in the bright and airy Riverview bar at the stadium, Emma and Gary mingled before dancing into the night.  

As wedding days go, this one was possibly the most relaxed wedding I've covered.  I wish Emma and Gary (and Elizabeth) all the best for the future and hope they have a fantastic honeymoon at the end of July.

Emma and Gary were assisted in the planning of their special day by North East Wedding Planners.

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