Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lindsay and David's Wedding in South Shields and The Roker Hotel(aka the one with the weather)

Reading back through my previous posts it dawned on me that they are dominated by references to weather.....and this post is no different.  

I first met Lindsay and David at a wedding show in Sunderland back in 2009 and between then and their wedding in June I feel like I've got to know them quite well.  Following regular meetings I had in my mind how I intended the day to go and what shots I wanted to pictures on the sea front at Roker in Sunderland and bridal images in Roker Park.  

However, mother nature had other ideas.  I can cope with rain, but what we had on the day was close to monsoon.  I've not seen rain like it for years.  It was non stop from just before the wedding ceremony through to late in the evening....but more of that later.

I arrived at Lindsay's parents house mid-morning to be greeted by a scene I have become accustomed to over the years.  Lindsay just back from the hairdressers frantically getting things sorted while trying to remain calm, dad running errands from house to house and mum getting panicky about timings.  Meanwhile I got shots of flowers, invitations and jewellery while trying not to get in the way.  I had a look at the dress and was blown away by it.  A stunning white tie-back body with ruffled skirt.  It glistened in the light shining through the window.  It looked magical.

The ceremony was at South Shields Baptist Church.  There waiting calmly was David.  I'm not sure if he was nervous or not.  If he was, he didn't show it.  The church offered some interesting challenges.  No central aisle, instead 2 aisles on each side of the church and a 360 degree balcony with bare wooden floors.  The only real spot for me to get shots of David and Lindsay was from the balcony, however each footstep echoed loudly so I ended up spending the entire ceremony barefooted.  Thank God I put clean socks on!

Ceremony finished, we were forced to conduct the group pictures in the church as there was no chance of getting anything done outside.  

We made our way to The Roker Hotel in Sunderland and chanced a couple of shots on the sea front but the rain would not let up.  This was the first wedding I had conducted at The Roker Hotel and I have to say, I was impressed.  The staff there were brilliant and ably assisted me when I required them.  

Later in the evening, there was a break in the weather so we quickly got the main wedding party together for some sea front shots before retiring to the bridal suite to get some shots of Lindsay and David together.  Shortly after, I left them to dance the night away with Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 ringing in my ears.

My abiding memory of the day (apart from the rain) was the smile.  Lindsay never stopped smiling once, beaming all day.  Rain?  What rain?

Thanks for a great day Lindsay and David and I hope you had a fantastic time in Italy on your honeymoon.

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