Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sarah and Tony's Wedding - Durham Radisson Hotel (aka The One with the Poorly Tog)

This was wedding number one for 2011 for me.  I woke with no voice, sore throat, a high temperature, banging headache and ached everywhere.  I had been struck down by the dreaded man-flu!  Feeling sorry for myself I doped myself up with sudafed and strepsils.  To be honest by the time I got to Durham I was starting to feel fine and got on with the job.

Upstairs, the bridal suite was a hive of activity with Sarah, her mum and bridesmaids scurrying around getting make up on and hair sorted while Jamie Cullum played on the TV in the background (Can't beat a bit of the Cullum on a Saturday morning).  As usual, I blended into the background and got on with getting shots of the flowers, shoes and dresses and then headed downstairs to meet Tony.

Tony was the epitome of calmness!  In the 7 years or so I've been shooting weddings I've yet to come across a groom so relaxed and unphased.  In fact I think that's how I would sum up Sarah and Tony's wedding.  It was simple and relaxed.  All the guest were milling around in the bar while the staff sorted out the sound system in the ceremony room.

It was then that a waitress came over and asked "Are you OK?  You don't look well."  To be honest I had forgotten about feeling under the weather but I had noticed that the staff had set the thermostat in the room to the temperature of the sun.  I looked like I had run a marathon.  With the staff giving me a steady supply of water we were ready for the ceremony.  

Tony stood calm as ever while Sarah glided down to meet him, her dress flowing behind her.  Poppy and Emily, the little flower girls stood to one side and played with the bouquets while the registrar went through the proceedings.  From my spot at the front I could see that it wasn't just me who had noticed it was a tad bit warm in there.  Everyone was wafting invitations, Ian, the best man, had beads of sweat on his forehead and I was swaying steadily from side to side with an overwhelming feeling that I was going to pass out.  I decided that the best option was to get some shots from almost floor level, and crouching down against the wall, started to gradually feel less dizzy.  

If I'm truthful, the ceremony was a bit of a blur.  I was on autopilot and thankfully outside the room it was a nice comfortable temperature.  Outside, it was sunny yet crisp.  We headed to the footbridge over the River Wear to get some shots as I wanted to get Durham Cathedral into the background....near perfect backdrop.  

With all the shots done, plenty of high fives from Poppy and Emily when getting their photos done and the meal now underway, I made my way home where I slumped onto the sofa and woke up 16 hours later!  

Sarah and Tony's wedding was stunningly simple.  It was just me that threatened to make it tricky.  

I wish them all the best for the future and look forward to seeing them at Kate and Andy's wedding in September at Langley Castle.

This is my favourite from the day

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