Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lisa and Steven's Wedding - Langley Castle, Northumberland

Back in July 2009 when I first met Lisa and Steven, I was given 2 remits:

1) Reflect the fun of the day


2) "Can you make sure it snows!"

The week before the wedding things were looking hopeful for a snowy wedding.  Unfortunately, the thaw set in but what we were left with was a crisp winter/spring day.  Having never captured a wedding at Langley Castle before I was really looking forward to using the castle's architecture and features within the shots I was going to take throughout the day.  Little did I realise that the castle's architecture was nearly my downfall on the day.

The celebrations were set over 4 floors.  Now, I like to think as myself being relatively fit.  However by the end of the day I was a wreck!  Up and down the stairs all day.  My legs were like lead by the time I had finished! 

Lisa and Steven were a joy to photograph.  Steven was nervous before the ceremony but that faded the moment Lisa walked into the room.  Once the nervous had passed the day took on a whole new lease of life.  There was so much laughter which really helped me capture what I hope are a set of images which portray the mood of the day. 

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