Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Day 2009 will go down as one of the most tiring.  Capturing a wedding between 3 sites in Northumberland poses it's unique challenges, such as trying to find somewhere to park on market day and racing between 3 venues in rural Northumberland.  It gets the adrenaline pumping.

Karen and Shaun's wedding was one of those small, close knit informal occasions with only a handful of guests.  So not much chance of remaining inconspicuous.  And it certainly went someway to showing how diverse weddings can be.  Hannah and Dan's a couple of weeks back was a mammoth occasion.  And this is why capturing weddings is such a great job.  Everyone is different and every wedding has it's own challenges.  

Having uploaded the images to the PC and scanned through I am really pleased with the photos.  

With a couple of hours break between the wedding breakfast and evening reception Jo and I got thinking packages and ideas for the business.  The main ideas we came up with are:

  • Between 14th February and 14th March 2009, we are offering a 10% discount on all our packages from our deluxe range (Bronze Package through to Diamond).  We've also decided to switch our bronze and silver packages from half day to full day packages.

  • We are also launching a new "Credit Crunch" Package (we're open to suggestions for a more glamorous name for it).

This package includes:
* Photography for half a day
* 7x5 Leather-bound Digital Art Book containing up to 50 images of your choice.
* £550

I've also decided to get out and about with the camera a bit more often and try and get back to the sort of photography that got me interested in it as a kid many years ago.  I've got some things I want to try so I'm going to head into Newcastle over the next few days and try and capture various scenes around the city.  I'll be sure to post them up on here.

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