Friday, 20 February 2009

Hannah and Dan - Testimonial from 24th January

I've just received the following testimonial which I wanted to share with everyone.  Getting responses like this makes it all worthwhile.  I feel so uplifted after getting this.  

"Well – what can we say? 

First of all, thank you is a word far too small for this!

We have been so amazed throughout the wedding planning and on the big day itself by your creativity, passion and approachability - not to mention how organised you’ve been (especially when we weren’t!). 

Your help has been invaluable and you’re so intuitive, I love that you were able to guess what we were going to ask for and produce a plan before we’d even thought it through!

But now, you’ve surpassed all our expectations with the most wonderful photographs, much better than we could possibly have anticipated.  As most Brides probably say, I am not a fan of having my photo taken but on the day it felt so natural having you there – I just carried on as usual and most of the time totally forgot about you!  I have never been presented with a set of photographs of me which I like before – but the ones you’ve done, I absolutely love, and so does everyone who’s seen them.

The photographs capture so perfectly not just the feel that we wanted – informal, relaxed and blissfully happy – but the spectacular day we had, in amazing surroundings, with treasured family and friends who had come so far.

You truly are an exceptionally talented and dedicated team and we know that 2009 will be the beginning of a spectacular rise to the top for JP Photography."

Hannah and Dan


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