Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Durham Wedding - Laura and James' Wedding

 "Hmmmm.  Not liking that picture much!" came the voice from behind me as I was pottering away on my exhibition stand at a wedding fayre last year.  I looked at the picture on the screen of one of my weddings at Newcastle United's Sports Direct Arena.  I turned to see a group standing looking at my albums.  "I'm a Sunderland supporter.....oh that's better, you've done Stadium of Light too"  said the lady as an image from one of my weddings at SAFC came up on my slideshow.  There were two couples in the group, one being the bride and groom to be and the other, the brides parents....it was the mother of the bride who had been talking.

"Yes, I've done both grounds....although I have no preference as I don't support either.  Now give me a wedding at Upton Park and I'll be in heaven" I said.  All eyes turned to the groom who it turns out was also a fellow West Ham supporter.

Now I'm not for a second saying that James' and Laura chose me purely and simply because of football reasons, but it was certainly a factor!  A couple of months later we met up at a West Ham game (it's all part of the service!).

This was going to be an interesting return for me as James and Laura were going to be getting married at St Mary's Church in Chester le Street which was the venue for the second wedding I ever shot several years ago!  Now one thing I was told about this time round was a little window at the top of the bell tower which allows you to look into the church from roof height....with my fear of heights!!!!!  Despite this, I have to admit the view into the church from up there was spectacular and gave me a wonderful viewpoint for the service.

In the build up to the wedding, James had explained that he is a big Beatles fan, so with a zebra crossing outside the church I suggested we recreate the Abbey Road album cover.  I jokingly said that somebody would have to go bare foot as Macca did on the cover.  But James was serious when he said he'd do it!

The reception was held at Durham Masonic Hall, a beautiful building nestled in amongst a main street just outside Durham City Centre.  We were fortunate enough to be able to use the ceremonies room for some informal shots of James and Laura.  And with a throne like chair in place James couldn't resist re-enacting Bradley Wiggins' famous pose as he awaited the confirmation of his Gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. (This was the first of two Wiggo references on the day).

The Photographers Olympic Torch

The second Wiggo reference came as James began his speech "The winning raffle numbers are.....", harking back to the beginning of Bradley's speech in Paris after his Tour de France victory this year.

And that was that.  A very pleasant day.  No fuss, no hassle set in two beautiful buildings.  I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon James and Laura....and thanks for a fantastic day!

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  1. Lovely article and brilliant photos. Something different and more personal to our styles and interests and personalities.

    Great day, great memories. Would recommend Jamie to anyone out there seeking a wedding photographer.