Monday, 27 February 2012

Newborn Baby Photoshoot - Lilly

It's always a special moment when you capture a wedding and a year or so later they come to you and ask you to take photos of their newborn baby.

Lyndsey and Jonny got married in 2010 (read about their wedding here) so I was delighted when Lyndsey told me she was expecting a baby.  The last few weeks of her pregnancy became a bit of a saga...with trips to and from the maternity ward as it had appeared labour had started.  

But on Sunday 19th February at 3.12pm weighing 9lbs 9oz, Lilly graced us with her entrance to the World.  

Lilly was only 6 days old when I shot the images and she was a complete dream.  She slept though most of the photoshoot!  We had a few giggles especially when the inevitable happened when she was laying with no nappy on!

I'm sure you'll agree Lilly is such a beautiful baby.  

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Lyndsey, Jonny and Lilly's sisters and brother, Andrea, David and Daisy on Lilly's arrival!  

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