Thursday, 7 October 2010

"Get Carter" Car Park

I don't often get into the centre of Gateshead these days and normally my only view of Newcsatle's neighbour is a fleeting glimpse as I drive along the Quayside to head to the MetroCentre.  But last week I had a meeting in The International Business Centre and part way through the meeting I looked up and was left speechless.  Outside was a crumbling structure surrounded by cranes and demolition equipment.  It took a while to get my bearings but it soon dawned on me that this was the "Get Carter" Car Park.  

I knew it was coming down but hadn't realised that it had actually come down.  This is a structure made famous in the classic Michael Caine film "Get Carter" and has been the subject of many arguements.  Some say it's an eyesore.  Others, like myself, think it is (or was) a fabulous structure, a visionary dream of the 1950s/60s.  

I'll miss it but I'm glad I got the chance to get some shots of it before the work started on it.  These shots were taken a couple of years back as the security fencing went up.

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