Monday, 9 March 2009

Windy, very windy

How tired am I today??  Here in the North East of England we've had 2 days of strong gusty wind.  Give me thunder and lightening any day, but gales?  I've had two nights with little sleep because of it.  Couple that with the agony I'm in after purchasing Wii Fit on Saturday (the fitness instructor on there is brutal) and I'm left not feeling the love for Monday at all.

Anyway, enough of the moaning.  We've had one of those non stop weeks.  Having started last saturday with the booking of Andy and Helen's wedding and a phone call from a vicar in the Borders to ask if I was in the area as there was a couple interested in using our services, all my efforts were then focused on getting ready for Sunday's wedding show.

Having only ever relied on word of mouth as a means of generating business the natural step was to start exhibiting.  With 4 other photographers exhibiting I was a little nervous about being the "new kid on the block" so to speak.  I could see them looking at me as if to say "Who's he??" but as I have always found with photographers, they were more than happy to help and give advice.  The banter was amazing too.  The only downside for me was my stand was between a Chocolate Fountain company and a cake decorators.  I have a really sweet tooth so had to fight the urge to sample some of their goods.  

After nearly 5 hours I guess I must have seen around 30 or 40 couples, some who seemed really interested.  So fingers crossed.  We also had a couple of separate email enquiries so naturally Jo and I are feeling buoyant at the moment.  

In between all of this I've found some amazing examples of photography and hope to share these with everyone over the course of the week.  

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