Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Sage

The Sage in Gateshead is one of my favourite places.  It's a great place to people watch and an even better place to capture different lines and shapes in the architecture.  Every time I go there I spot something new.  I remember when it was being built, I was very skeptical about it and was even more unsure about it once the build had been completed.  However, once you step foot inside and see the balconies, the way people appear to float across the shiny floors and the stunning views, there is no getting away from the sheer beauty of this amazing building.   

It was good to have some time out with the camera and get back to basics.  Photographing buildings and architecture is what got me hooked on photography when I was at school.  I've neglected that side of things for a while now and I realised that I need to devote more time to it once again.  

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